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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (QPI-05)

Format: Class, In-Person Instruction/Virtual
Duration: 4 Days
Dates/Times: August and September dates are available
Location: Zoom Video Conference

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course has been designed to give the student a solid understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles. From the study material, you'll learn to effectively work within a Lean Six Sigma team.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts should have a good understanding of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process and an understanding of how process changes can be implemented. You'll learn what is involved in each stage of DMAIC and what tools can be used. In addition to this, you'll also learn about "Lean" processes and how they can be used in conjunction with a Six Sigma project.

The goal of ProMethIt is to teach you the key competencies required to function in the role of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Our certification exam will test your fundamental understanding of these concepts. The exam is timed at 2 hours, with 100 questions. It has a required passing score of 74%.

*Note: You will be able to download your certification upon passing the exam.

Course Breakdown:

Course Introduction
Chapter 1- What is Six Sigma?
Chapter 2- Six Sigma in the Quality Landscape
Chapter 3- The Six Sigma Team
Chapter 4- Lean Has Nothing To Do With Fitness
Chapter 5- Project Management Fundamentals
Chapter 6- DMAIC the Six Sigma Blueprint
Chapter 7- Managing the Define Stage (DMAIC)
Chapter 8- Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Chapter 9- Managing the Measure Stage (DMAIC)
Chapter 10- Managing the Analyze Stage (DMAIC)
Chapter 11- Managing the Improve Stage (DMAIC)
Chapter 12- Managing the Control Stage (DMAIC)
Chapter 13- Six Sigma and Who Moved My Cheese?

For additional info about ProMethIt, visit us at www.promethit.com
  • Pre-Work
  • Intro to TalentLMS
  • Module 0 - Course Introduction
  • Module 1 - What is Six Sigma?
  • Day 1
  • Module 2 - Six Sigma in the Quality Landscape
  • Module 3 - The Six Sigma Team
  • Module 4 - Lean Has Nothing To Do With Fitness
  • Section 1 Review
  • Day 2
  • Module 6 - DMAIC the Six Sigma Blueprint
  • Module 7 - Managing the Define Stage (DMAIC)
  • Module 9 - Managing the Measure Stage (DMAIC)
  • Section 2 Review
  • Day 3
  • Case Study - Define Stage
  • Case Study - Measure Stage
  • Module 8 - Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  • Module 10 - Managing the Analyze Stage (DMAIC)
  • Case Study - Analyze Stage
  • Day 4
  • Module 11 - Managing the Improve Stage (DMAIC)
  • Module 12 - Managing the Control Stage (DMAIC)
  • Module 5 - Project Management Fundamentals
  • Module 13 - Six Sigma and Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Case Study - Improve Stage
  • Case Study - Control Stage
  • Practice Exams/Projects
  • LSSGB Practice Exam 1 (Recommended)
  • LSSGB Practice Exam 2 (Recommended)
  • LSSGB Practice Exam 3 (Recommended)
  • Practice Project 1 (Optional)
  • Practice Project 2 (Optional)
  • Certification Exam
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever